Sunday, 13 March 2011

The End Of Week 3

Side On End of Week 3

It's now the end of week 3, of my Club Physical 12 Week Transformation Challenge. It's been a tough week in many ways, but I'm still excited enough to attend my twice daily gym sessions, despite the occasional pain my body is putting me through. I forgot for a while that the body stores toxins in fat cells - and that the release of these toxins can cause short term nausea, tiredness, and pain. I have a LOT of fat cells to burn, so I guess this is just part of the process. But on the bright side of life, I've got more energy on a day to day basis, and as the fat cells burn, there'll be less of them going forward, and thus less pain to endure!

Whilst I'm on the 12 Week Transformation Challenge, I note that overseas this is also known as the Body For Life challenge, the 12 Week Body Blitz, the gym Transformation Contest, Operation Tighten Up, the 12 week lose fat and gain muscle solution, and a variety of other names. Whatever you call it, this 12 week program gets results - as long as you work hard, and stick to the prescribed formulas. I've been following the Club Physical 12 Week Transformation Challenge guide to the letter - so much so that I joke I'm living like a monk at present! But I am VERY happy with the results so far, and intend to keep going full tilt.

This morning I was weighed in, and I'm happy to report my weight is now 137.65kg, over a kilo down from last week. That's a full 5.35kg below my start weight three weeks ago - or an average weight loss of 1.8kg per week. My goal is to lose 20kg in the 12 weeks - and currently I'm on target to do that. If this rate of weight loss is maintained (although I expect it will slow down at some point), then 12 x 1.8kg would equal a 21.6kg loss. That would be awesome: time will tell the final result. Knowing that goals are best met by breaking targets into smaller chunks, I'm currently congratulating myself on the 11 packets of butter lost to date! Cheers to that (with water of course).

In measurement terms, things are going really well. I've lost inches all over my body, but most noticably in my hips and butt area - which today measure a full 8cm (about 3 inches) smaller than they were just 3 weeks ago. That's basically one clothes size down - which will be why some of my clothes are feeling baggy. Might be time to start looking at new wardrobe items in the next few weeks. Hopefully the photos you're seeing are now showing clear differences. I'm starting this week to show front on photos also, as I'm beginning to notice big transformations happening there - and clear "dimples" on the side of my stomach where fat has burnt off.

Front on End of Week 3

Doing an intensive gym program like this is hard with my size and weight, but I'm grateful for all of the very positive comments people are leaving on this blog. Feel free to join in - the more the merrier! You can leave comments on ALL blog entry pages. I'm also very encouraged to see that we've had our first donation to Diabetes New Zealand (you can also donate here), which touches my heart. I'm keen to raise some money to support their education and research programmes, and to help others with this terrible Diabetes Type 2 disease to overcome it and have a more enjoyable (and healthy) life. Your support is greatly appreciated!

If you're doing a similar challenge at present, drop me a line here. Some tips I'm happy to share already: drink LOTS of water, at least 2-3 litres a day; eat healthily; no complex carbs after 5pm; reduce caffeine; and keep on going. Never lose sight of your goal, no matter how hard things seem. And, if you're on the 12 Week Transformation Challenge, don't waste a single workout! Time is too short - work hard and get the best results you can!

I'm looking forward to keeping you all informed of ongoing process over the coming weeks. Thanks for visiting the blog, and feel free to share the blog address with your friends and colleagues via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the like!

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