Wednesday, 6 July 2011

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Friday, 10 June 2011

12 Week Transformation Challenge Results

As the Club Physical 12 Week Transformation Challenge Night of Champions Event was held last night, I'm now able to reveal my personal results of the 12 Week Transformation Challenge. Last nights Night of Champions event at Club Physical Albany was inspirational, and it was great to hear so many positive improvement stories. My congratulations to my fellow Top 14 finalists, and to the Top 3 placings - wow! I was the last person to be called up on stage before the Top 3 were announced. Some people would say therefore that I came "4th" - but we were told that the 11 people called up first were in no particular order. The actual number placing is not important to me in any case: I'm a winner regardless.

For a 3 month investment in an intensive gym program, I've added YEARS to my life. My weight has drastically dropped, my measurements have dropped, my blood sugar has dropped - but my life enjoyment has gone up, my enthusiasm and energy has gone up, and my confidence has gone up. All of these are good things!

So, what were the final results? Weight Lost 20.8Kg (exceeding my original target my 0.8kg), blood sugar down from 11.5 to 4.8, blood pressure down from 126/80 to 120/70. Measurements went down as follows: Waist down 15cm, small waist down 14cm, hips down 19cm, chest down 12cm, each arm down 8cm, and each thigh down 8cm. It's hard to visualise these figures on their own, so here are my before and after photos.

Front before

Front after

Side before

Side after

Thank you to Club Physical for their support throughout this challenge - the teams of people at Club Physical Xpress especially have been awesome! Thank you to the sponsors of the prizes I won at last nights event: Horleys, Flight Experience, Dane Baker, and Hubbards. Thank you to my awesome Personal Trainer Sugar for helping me to get such excellent results. And thank you to every reader of this blog: your comments, emails, and encouraging comments really made a huge difference! I'd encourage anyone needing to lose weight to consider a 12 Week Transformation Challenge for themselves - it's certainly transformed my life!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

12 Week Transformation Challenge Night of Champions Event

The 12 Week Transformation Night of Champions Event is being held this coming Friday night (June 10) from 7pm, at Club Physical Albany. This is the event where all participants in the recent Club Physical 12 Week Transformation Challenge will find out how we've got on as far as results go. I'm personally interested just to find out how many people were on the challenge across the gym chain: I expect it was several hundred or more. The 12 Week Transformation Challenge was fantastic for me, and I'm fitting clothes I haven't worn for years. I would HIGHLY recommend it.

Regardless of how the results and any placings turn out, I'm expecting the Night of Champions event to be a night of hope, inspiration, and fun. After all, the challenge was difficult in parts and certainly required lots of discipline - so the celebration of it ending should be enjoyable! I'm also looking forward to seeing inside Club Physical Albany for the first time - I've heard it's quite something! It's a free event to attend, which I think is fantastic. That means friends and family members can come along and join in, which can only be a very positive thing.

If you're attending the Night of Champions event, feel free to drop me a line - or I'll just see you there. And remember to follow the blog if you want to know my end results, which I'll be publishing after the event next week. :-)

For those of you interested, I'm still attending the gym on a regular basis despite the challenge part being officially over. The 12 Week Transformation Challenge was a fantastic kick start towards my long term weight loss goal, but it's important to keep going and not give up. I want to ensure that I continue to go forward towards my goal, and not backslide into old habits. My intensity has decreased a little, but my motivation remains high. Getting life's vitality back is worth the effort!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Results Are In...

So Week 12 has now been completed, and the results are in! I was going to publish my results this week, but I've been told to keep them a surprise until around mid June, after the Night of Champions event. Let me just say however that I am very pleased with the results I acheived, and that I'm surprised at just how much weight loss and definition is possible in three short months!

I couldn't have made this journey so productive without the support of everyone reading, and the fantastic gym team at Club Physical Xpress - so a big thank you from me, to you. I'll place official results here in mid June. Sorry for the suspense...

Whilst the 12 weeks is over, I'm continuing to train, as I'm simply not willing to put on any of the weight I've lost with all this hard work to date. I'm determined to keep going, albeit at a slightly slower pace, until I hit my goal weight. Whether that takes 3 months, 6 months, or more, one thing is for sure: the old me has gone, and a new and more vibrant life awaits!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

12 Week Transformation Challenge Nearly Over

Wow, it's amazing how fast the last four weeks have passed. Tomorrow is my final weigh in for the 12 Week Transformation Challenge, and I'm feeling a mixture of nervousness, relief, and excitement. During the last four weeks, I've really stepped up my game, after being so inspired by my week 8 results. I've worked harder, with slightly longer workouts too, to break through a time of plateau which occurred around the Week 8 to Week 9 period of my weight loss. But I've only weighed myself a few times since then, deliberately, so I'm not really sure what tomorrow holds.

I haven't blogged for about 3 weeks or so now - which was not deliberate. Changes to my work schedule, and more time spent in the gym has limited my ability to update the blog entries a little. But saying that, perhaps it's been a good thing. It's allowed me to keep focused on the task at hand, improving my overall health and losing excess body fat, without having to be concerned about finding time to write blog entries. And, whilst I'm all about openness and sharing my progress on this journey for my own interest and the benefit of others, as it's near the end of the challenge, keeping a few secrets / progress updates to myself possibly isn't a bad thing. Regardless of these thoughts, tomorrow is the big day. The results will speak for themselves, and anything I say or don't say won't change them.

I have a feeling that I've done pretty well - and I'm very hopeful of acheiving my original 20kg goal - or at least coming close. I'm wearing the smallest clothes I've been able to wear for YEARS, so I know I've lost a lot of weight and waist size. And I've also had a number of people comment recently, with comments like "Dave, you're wasting away!", and "Have you been working out?". Wow, what a blessing. To go from only 12 weeks ago and often getting random strangers calling me "fat", "big boy", and often worse, to making POSITIVE comments is just fantastic. Words have the power to help or harm people - they really are very important things.

My blood sugar when tested this morning was just 5.0 - that's a HUGE decrease from my 11.5 start reading 12 weeks ago, and just a few points away from non-diabetic standard range. If that's indicative of my overall health progress during this 12 week challenge, then the other measurements should be just as encouraging. In Week 1 of the challenge, I was able to do just 10 sit up crunches in 1 minute, and I was really tired afterwards. Just last week, I acheived 41 sit up crunches in the same time. I'm looking forward to the LifeStyle fitness test which I'll endure tomorrow to see how much progress I've made there.

Regardless of what my final results show tomorrow, the 12 Week Transformation Challenge has definitely been worthwhile. I've acheived some fantastic results that will give me real health improvement, and improve my diabetes control. And on that basis, I can highly recommend the 12 Week Transformation Challenge to others.

Roll on tomorrow! I'll try to post these final results later in the week. Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement to date. And a big thank you to my fellow challenge participants, who've helped to keep my spirits and motivation up, during some pretty tiring and trying gym sessions. Together, we've acheived great things - and added years to our lives!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Diabetes Information, As Requested

I received an email from a fellow diabetic the other day, in response to this blog recently appearing in the Club Physical newsletter. She asked if I'd mention whether I am a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic. Type 1 diabetics are insulin dependent, whereas Type 2 diabetics produce their own insulin - but take prescription medicines to decrease insulin resistance in their blood cells. For the record, I'm a Type 2 diabetic.

Why is this important? Exercise and diet can affect different diabetics in different ways, and what's healthy practice for a Type 2 diabetic may be different for a Type 1 diabetic. In general terms however, exercise within reason and healthy eating will benefit both groups. As with any exercise or diet program, please consult your doctor before undertaking any challenges such as the 12 Week Transformation Challenge, to ensure that you're not taking any unnecessary health risks.

Keep healthy and happy - and look out for my next blog update a little after Easter. Which reminds me, have a very happy Easter everyone! And if you're diabetic as I am, take it easy on those hot cross buns and easter eggs!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Week 8 of the 12 Week Transformation Challenge Complete

Week 8 of the 12 Week Transformation Challenge is now over, and whilst it sometimes feels like a long road, it is certainly a worthwhile one. I’ve now lost a full 13Kgs (or, as I personally like to visualise it, 26 packets of New Zealand full cream butter), which feels great. I’m really starting to notice the body changes now, and others are too. Whilst looks are a consideration, how you FEEL is much more important. I’m happy to say that as each week goes by I FEEL better, which is one of my primary aims of the Transformation Challenge.

Looking at the statistics and measurements, which I like to do from time to time, it’s no wonder. There have been HUGE changes in my body composition over the last 56 days (and 96 gym sessions). When I began the Transformation Challenge, my blood sugar levels were high, at 11.5, and I was feeling unwell from time to time as a result. Today my blood sugar has dived to 5.8. Whilst that’s still not under 5 (which would be fantastic), my Doctor is happy. Doctor’s consider a range of 5 to 8 appropriate for diagnosed diabetics, and I’m getting to the lower end of that range. Which reminds me: have you donated to Diabetes New Zealand yet? See the on-page links throughout this blog, to donate.

Blood sugar is just one indication of returning health. I now actually ENJOY the exercise I do (never thought I would say that), seeing each session as a personal challenge, with my goal being to complete each session safely and to exhaustion, to maximise weight loss. I’m very blessed to have a fantastic trainer, Sugar, at Club Physical Xpress in Auckland, who’s such a joy to work hard for. And the reducing body measurements speak for themselves. Just look at the progress so far:

At start of the Transformation Challenge, in February 2011: Waist 141cm, Small Waist 131cm, Hips (Butt) 142cm, Chest 127cm, Arm Mid 44cm, Thigh Mid 66cm, and weight 143Kg.

At the end of week 8, in April 2011: Waist 131cm (10cm lost), Small Waist 123cm (8cm lost), Hips (Butt) 130cm (12 cm lost), Chest 120cm (7cm lost), Arm Mid 39cm (5cm lost), Thigh Mid 62.5cm (3.5cm lost) , and weight 130Kg (13Kg lost).

I haven’t taken new photos this week, but I’ll try to support these measurements with a visual image in the next blog post. Not only have the body measurements greatly reduced, but I’m also noticing large reductions in the FAT percentage on my body overall. I’ll keep these statistics until the end of the challenge when they will be the most pronounced, but I expect them to be significant. I haven’t had my blood pressure checked during the challenge period – but again I’m expecting a healthy drop in readings there.

At the moment I remain on target to reach my 20Kg weight loss goal. That’s been my plan since day one (a stone a month weight loss goal), and I do think it’s achievable – if I keep going, day after day, and view each workout as a small step on the journey back to health. I’m not perfect, and I’ve had the odd small treats along the way: a Mongolian BBQ meal a few nights back with friends, a drinks and dancing night a few weeks back – but on the whole, I’ve been very well behaved and disciplined on this challenge. And for me personally, that’s been a key part of the whole experience.

Change is hard, and I keep reminding myself that the 12 Week Transformation Challenge is only the first step in my overall mission to get my weight down significantly. It’s about throwing out my old unhealthy lifestyle, and replacing it with a whole new way of living that’s healthy, that’s supportive, and that works with my body rather than against it. So far so good. I’m gradually forming healthy habits that I hope will enable me to not only lose this excess weight, but keep it off for the LONG term. Every time I feel like having a biscuit or chocolate or other unhealthy snack, I look at this 12 Week Transformation Challenge blog, and it reminds me of all of my hard work in the gym to date, and of where I started. I never want to return to the old me – so junk food will have to wait!

Thanks as usual for your support, comments, and donations. All are appreciated. Thanks also to Club Physical for making it all so easy, and for providing gym facilities where I truly feel I belong, and staff that live the brand promise. That kind of supportive environment is such an important element of weight loss that it makes me want to recommend the Club Physical chain to all Auckland residents seeking diet and lifestyle change. And on that basis, here’s a link to their website, so you can make your own enquiries. Club Physical New Zealand Website.

Have an awesome week, and I’ll update you all again next week on my progress with the 12 Week Transformation Challenge here in Auckland, New Zealand. And by the way, have a very Happy Easter!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Week 7 Is Over, Week 8 Begins

Sorry about the delay in posting this blog entry. As I mentioned in my Week 5 entry, I said I'd explain why my blog entry would be later than normal, in this entry. Well, I was away on holiday in Singapore and Batam (Indonesia)! I thought it best to mention this on my return, rather than as I was leaving (just in case I didn't make it back). Anyway, I'm back in New Zealand now, and back on the program.

I arrived home last Thursday night, after about a week or so away. During this time I made sure to pick hotels with gym equipment available, so that my normal gym routine would not be too adversely affected. This turned out to be a very bright idea indeed, as I was able to go to the gym on all days of my holiday. Let me tell you, exercising in a gym room in 30 degree heat is not fun - but it does burn calories! It was nice to have a change of scene, and a chance to relax. I even managed to fit in some reflexology and massage sessions, which were nice and relaxing, and good rewards for all of my hard work to date.

I had a bit of a scare on Friday when I returned to the Auckland gym - I'd put on 3 kilos, in a week away! I was horrified. I couldn't understand how that could happen, when I'd done so much walking, kept my eating healthy, and kept up my gym regime as best I could. I was told it was probably water retention. Apparently, being in a hot climate can make your body keep extra water in reserve. I was sceptical at first, thinking 3 kilos was a huge amount of weight just for some water excess... but the prognosis turned out to be correct. On Monday, when I weighed myself at the end of Week 7 milestone, I'd lost about 3.5 kilos over that weekend! I'd never have thought that possible. Just goes to show I know so little about body physiology!

Dave In The Gym

Anyway, current stats show me at a weight of 133.6kgs, or 9.4kgs down from my start weight. The keen eyed amongst you will notice that this is however only 300grams down since the end of Week 5 - which I'm not pleased about. Losing an average of 150grams a week simply doesn't cut it! That said, it's possible I'm still shedding water, as when I weighed in this morning, Tuesday, I'd lost another good chunk overnight. I'm keeping that figure to myself however, as I want to wait until next Tuesday's result time to ensure that the weighing figure is accurate and more stable - and without post holiday influence.

So, life continues on, and the 12 week transformation challenge in the gym is still a vital part of my life. As said earlier, I'm determined to throw everything I can at this. Over the next 5 weeks of the challenge, I'm planning to "up my game" - working harder and longer in each gym session to really burn the calories and up my muscle tone. So I'm hoping that despite the short term lull, we'll all see real and meaningful results in the coming weeks. Ensure you keep visiting the blog to see progress - you'll hear it here first! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line on email or leave a comment on the blog.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Week 5 Is Over

Today marks the end of Week 5 of the 12 Week Transformation Challenge. 35 days gone, or, as I like to think of it, 60 gym sessions or thereabouts now completed.

David on the Life Fitness Gym Treadmill

It's been hard work, and it continues to be that way - but the results make me truly happy. Today I hopped on the scales, thinking my weight loss may have slowed down - but it's actually accelerated. I've lost 2.25Kg this week, meaning I've now lost 9.1Kgs in 5 weeks. That's an average of 1.8Kg lost each week. If I can keep that momentum, I'll be on target to lose the 20Kg I want to get off by the end of the 12 week gym program, and maybe even a little bit more! Time will tell, but right now, I've more focused and determined than ever to see this through.

I know quite a few diabetics around the world are following this blog, because I get emails from them. You'll probably be very happy to hear that my resting blood sugars are now averaging around 5.6 - 5.9 range. That's a big improvement on the 11.5 at the beginning of the challenge. I guess it just goes to show that all of the advice we're given by doctors and diabetic clinics really does work. Do a bit of exercise each day, eat healthily, and drink lots of water, and your blood glucose levels become lower and more stable. It really works! If I keep reducing my weight, maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to get off the diabetes medication in time. That would be awesome!

I've taken a slightly different approach with the photos this week - I'm keeping my clothes on. That's deliberate. I'd like you to see more dramatic changes so I'm thinking a "half nude" shot every 2 or 3 weeks may be better. Hey, some readers might actually be in favour of the clothes staying on! To prove that I really do exercise, here's a photo of me working hard on the treadmill this morning.

Over 9Kgs down - Front On Photo

Next week's update may be delayed by a few days - I'll explain why when I next post. But fear not: the longer between this post and the next one, the more change you should be able to notice. Certainly, by the end of Week 12, I'm expecting to see BIG changes between the before and after photos. I can only look forward to that day!

Thank you all for your emails and comments, and for your donations to Diabetes New Zealand. Your support in all of these ways means a lot: thank you soooooo much!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

One Month Down, One Stone Down

Side On Photo

Today I celebrated the official end of Week 4 of the challenge! That means I'm now one third of the way through the challenge. If you read my earlier blog entries, you'll see I'm aiming to lose 20kg during the 12 weeks, about 3 stone. I'm happy to report that I'm currently on target to do this. The scales this morning showed a weight of 136.15kg. Compared to my start weight of 143kg just 4 weeks ago, that's a 6.85kg reduction overall - or a little over a STONE. And it does feel like a big stone has been lifted off me!

It's hard work keeping motivated on the 12 week transformation challenge sometimes, because the hard slog and pain does all it can to keep you from pushing through. Luckily I have a strong mind, a clear vision of where I want to get to, and a great "support crew" - including my trainer and the gym staff at Club Physical Xpress - who cheer me on and make me feel that the effort is worthwhile. I'm really grateful to them, and also to every reader of this blog. Your support and comments really help to keep me on the straight and narrow - so thank you!

Front On Photo

Measurements now are starting to look encouraging. I've lost 9cm off my hip / butt area to date, along with great movements in my mid waist, chest, and thigh areas. And it's really noticable. I've had to start wearing smaller clothes, because the others are just too baggy now and look sloppy. The clothes I wear are now 1-2 sizes smaller than 4 weeks ago, depending on brand / cut, which is FANTASTIC. I can't wait until the end of week 12, when even these will look like tents! Neck measurement is as good an indicator of progress as any: 4 weeks ago, mine was 47cm. Now its 45cm. That's the difference between an XXXL or XXXXL shirt, and an XXL one. I'm expecting to fit XL within a month or two, but for now, that progress is enough to keep me moving forward.

Keeping the variety in the gym program is important, and today I was running through Albert Park and the beautiful streets of Downtown Auckland. The photo taken by the lights near the end of the run is quite funny: I only noticed the "Gentleman Start Your Showers" text on the billboard behind when I loaded the photo on the blog... but that is very appropriate! After a half hour walk and jog up and down hills, I was more than ready for the shower!

Dave Running On The Road

So, one month has past, and I'm on target to meet my goal. Let's hope this progress continues - I'll be doing all I can to stay focused, and work hard. Don't forget that Diabetes New Zealand would love a donation to help others with Diabetes. Whether it's $1, $5 or more, all donations are greatly appreciated, and tax deductible. You can donate at 12 Week Transformation Challenge Fundraising Page. And, if you're interested in joining a gym that can help you get real results like I am, I can highly recommend Club Physical Auckland Gyms.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The End Of Week 3

Side On End of Week 3

It's now the end of week 3, of my Club Physical 12 Week Transformation Challenge. It's been a tough week in many ways, but I'm still excited enough to attend my twice daily gym sessions, despite the occasional pain my body is putting me through. I forgot for a while that the body stores toxins in fat cells - and that the release of these toxins can cause short term nausea, tiredness, and pain. I have a LOT of fat cells to burn, so I guess this is just part of the process. But on the bright side of life, I've got more energy on a day to day basis, and as the fat cells burn, there'll be less of them going forward, and thus less pain to endure!

Whilst I'm on the 12 Week Transformation Challenge, I note that overseas this is also known as the Body For Life challenge, the 12 Week Body Blitz, the gym Transformation Contest, Operation Tighten Up, the 12 week lose fat and gain muscle solution, and a variety of other names. Whatever you call it, this 12 week program gets results - as long as you work hard, and stick to the prescribed formulas. I've been following the Club Physical 12 Week Transformation Challenge guide to the letter - so much so that I joke I'm living like a monk at present! But I am VERY happy with the results so far, and intend to keep going full tilt.

This morning I was weighed in, and I'm happy to report my weight is now 137.65kg, over a kilo down from last week. That's a full 5.35kg below my start weight three weeks ago - or an average weight loss of 1.8kg per week. My goal is to lose 20kg in the 12 weeks - and currently I'm on target to do that. If this rate of weight loss is maintained (although I expect it will slow down at some point), then 12 x 1.8kg would equal a 21.6kg loss. That would be awesome: time will tell the final result. Knowing that goals are best met by breaking targets into smaller chunks, I'm currently congratulating myself on the 11 packets of butter lost to date! Cheers to that (with water of course).

In measurement terms, things are going really well. I've lost inches all over my body, but most noticably in my hips and butt area - which today measure a full 8cm (about 3 inches) smaller than they were just 3 weeks ago. That's basically one clothes size down - which will be why some of my clothes are feeling baggy. Might be time to start looking at new wardrobe items in the next few weeks. Hopefully the photos you're seeing are now showing clear differences. I'm starting this week to show front on photos also, as I'm beginning to notice big transformations happening there - and clear "dimples" on the side of my stomach where fat has burnt off.

Front on End of Week 3

Doing an intensive gym program like this is hard with my size and weight, but I'm grateful for all of the very positive comments people are leaving on this blog. Feel free to join in - the more the merrier! You can leave comments on ALL blog entry pages. I'm also very encouraged to see that we've had our first donation to Diabetes New Zealand (you can also donate here), which touches my heart. I'm keen to raise some money to support their education and research programmes, and to help others with this terrible Diabetes Type 2 disease to overcome it and have a more enjoyable (and healthy) life. Your support is greatly appreciated!

If you're doing a similar challenge at present, drop me a line here. Some tips I'm happy to share already: drink LOTS of water, at least 2-3 litres a day; eat healthily; no complex carbs after 5pm; reduce caffeine; and keep on going. Never lose sight of your goal, no matter how hard things seem. And, if you're on the 12 Week Transformation Challenge, don't waste a single workout! Time is too short - work hard and get the best results you can!

I'm looking forward to keeping you all informed of ongoing process over the coming weeks. Thanks for visiting the blog, and feel free to share the blog address with your friends and colleagues via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the like!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Gym Transformation Challenge Continues

So it's now the last day of my 2nd week of the challenge. 14 days have passed, and I'm pleased to announce the results thus far: I'm now 138.9kgs - that's 4.1kg below my start weight, and my blood sugar has dived from 11.5 at the start of the challenge down to 6.4 already! I'm feeling good, feeling fitter than before, and importantly, I'm optimistic about what the next 10 weeks will bring.

I know I'm not out of the woods yet. My current 138.9kg weight is still a lot higher than I would like. But I really do think that the next ten weeks will bring good results - and I'm already starting to visualise how my new body shape might look.

Measurements were taken again today, and the fat is falling off all over. It's most noticable in my hip and butt area though, where I've lost a significant amount. Certainly my clothes are fitting better than for a long, long time - and if this keeps going, I'll soon be looking for a new wardrobe.

Training wise I'm still spending roughly an hour a day in the gym. This is hard work - but worthwhile. I've got a great personal trainer at Club Physical Xpress Auckland, Sugar, who makes the training fun and full of variety. I'm so impressed with Sugar that I'm placing her photo on this blog!

Sugar, Club Physical Trainer

Today I was restacking the dumbbell rack from a pile of 20 weights on the floor... one at a time. In between the stacking I had to run outside the gym and go up and down stairs. It was a full cardio workout, with the benefit of some strengthening too due to the weights. There's a photo below showing me when I finished the exercise.

That's something I've learnt so far in this challenge: variety is the spice of life. If you can mix up the exercises you do and keep things fresh each day, you've got a much better chance of sticking to the routine - which can get tiring after a while. Certainly, variety has helped me stick to my workout plans - and the results clearly show that it's worth the short term pain for the longer term gain.

I'm going to keep on progressing, so keep reading the blog for updates. And please feel free to donate to Diabetes New Zealand here.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Week 2 Begins

Boxing in the gym

So it's the first day of week 2 of the 12 week transformation challenge, and I'm pumped! I can honestly say that I have more energy today than I have had for a VERY long time. I'm also very happy that my blood sugar has dropped from 11.5 before the start of the challenge to 7.1 this morning. That's in just ONE WEEK!

On the weight side, I've dropped about 1.7Kgs in the last week, with current weight sitting at 141.3kg. That loss is a little lower than I thought I might acheive in week 1 - however I'm also noticing an increase in my muscle content - so I think there's two things happening here: weight loss, and muscle growth (which in time will burn more calories and so contribute to weight loss). I also expect that fat falls off in "chunks". If you look at this weeks photo, you might notice some slight improvements over the week 1 photo. These will become more noticable over time. For now I'm just happy that 3 blocks of butter are no longer being carried around on my body! That's a great way to visualise the fat as I burn it off through exercise.

Just to prove that I really am working out, there's a photo of me boxing in the gym shown here. My trainer took it. I'm not sure if that's for motivation or just for fun. I actually think it's a good way to remind myself that the weight loss and fitness increase will only be acheived through hard work! I'm working hard, keeping to my twice daily gym regime (aiming for 12 visits a week, 2 a day with a rest day), so I'm confident of the long term results. My goal is to lose about 20kgs on this challenge - I really want to acheive it!

Hard work weight loss

Enjoy the photos, and please don't forget that whilst I'm doing the challenge I'm also raising money for Diabetes New Zealand. You can donate at David Pomeroy's Fundraising Page. Until next week, keep well and safe. My thoughts go out especially to all of those people living in Christchurch who've endured (and continue to endure) particularly trying times.

Keep strong, keep alert, keep alive.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Week 1 Has Begun

So, Week 1 has now begun. I promised updates on this blog once I'd begun, so here's the first. The start weight is 143kg... that's a lot of weight. Ugh. I wish now I'd had a few less pies and chocolate bars over the last year. Still, every diet and gym plan needs a starting point, and this is mine. Measurements were taken at the gym, but I don't have those to hand... however I'm hoping that week by week the photos will begin to show real progress. This should be evident by a reducing gut size! I'll publish the measurements for those interested at some later time.

My gym plan is basically an hour in the gym each day, half an hour of cardio, half an hour of weights. There's some deviation to the routine - e.g. the other day I climbed 8 flights of steps and then ran around a carpark for a half hour or so, under the wing of a personal trainer. In fact, I'm trying to make sure that each day's gym program is different, so that it doesn't become dull.

My first few days this week were difficult, and I felt tired and almost a bit ill at the end of the sessions. That will be the toxins leaving my cells, and my body adjusting to a higher exercise level. But today I'm feeling great, and find the exercise actually gives me more energy. So I think that's a good sign.

More updates in a week when I have my next weigh in. If there are any questions in the meantime, please get in touch.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Understanding the 12 Week Transformation Challenge

On February 22, I'm beginning a 12 Week Transformation Challenge at my local gym. This is an intensive gym and dieting programme (which for me will involve 2 gym sessions a day, 6 days a week, for the 12 weeks) designed to restore fitness to my body by reducing my weight, reducing my blood pressure, and getting my blood sugar under control.

As a type 2 diabetic, I'm well aware of the need to look after myself - but hey, nobody's perfect right? So whilst I've been attempting to be good and manage my life and weight, I've had a few blips along the way. This gym programme will be really hard work, but I'm hoping that the fact the challenge is competitive against others who have entered will provide me with the motivation I need to see it through.

Knowing how difficult it is for charities to raise the funds they need, I've decided to also raise funds for Diabetes New Zealand as I do the challenge. If you'd like to sponsor me, you can visit my Fundraise Online website page.

Photos and details of progress will begin to be posted here once the challenge begins (on Feb 22). If you'd like more information or have any comments, please feel free to contact me at Thanks for visiting!