Monday, 28 February 2011

Week 2 Begins

Boxing in the gym

So it's the first day of week 2 of the 12 week transformation challenge, and I'm pumped! I can honestly say that I have more energy today than I have had for a VERY long time. I'm also very happy that my blood sugar has dropped from 11.5 before the start of the challenge to 7.1 this morning. That's in just ONE WEEK!

On the weight side, I've dropped about 1.7Kgs in the last week, with current weight sitting at 141.3kg. That loss is a little lower than I thought I might acheive in week 1 - however I'm also noticing an increase in my muscle content - so I think there's two things happening here: weight loss, and muscle growth (which in time will burn more calories and so contribute to weight loss). I also expect that fat falls off in "chunks". If you look at this weeks photo, you might notice some slight improvements over the week 1 photo. These will become more noticable over time. For now I'm just happy that 3 blocks of butter are no longer being carried around on my body! That's a great way to visualise the fat as I burn it off through exercise.

Just to prove that I really am working out, there's a photo of me boxing in the gym shown here. My trainer took it. I'm not sure if that's for motivation or just for fun. I actually think it's a good way to remind myself that the weight loss and fitness increase will only be acheived through hard work! I'm working hard, keeping to my twice daily gym regime (aiming for 12 visits a week, 2 a day with a rest day), so I'm confident of the long term results. My goal is to lose about 20kgs on this challenge - I really want to acheive it!

Hard work weight loss

Enjoy the photos, and please don't forget that whilst I'm doing the challenge I'm also raising money for Diabetes New Zealand. You can donate at David Pomeroy's Fundraising Page. Until next week, keep well and safe. My thoughts go out especially to all of those people living in Christchurch who've endured (and continue to endure) particularly trying times.

Keep strong, keep alert, keep alive.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Week 1 Has Begun

So, Week 1 has now begun. I promised updates on this blog once I'd begun, so here's the first. The start weight is 143kg... that's a lot of weight. Ugh. I wish now I'd had a few less pies and chocolate bars over the last year. Still, every diet and gym plan needs a starting point, and this is mine. Measurements were taken at the gym, but I don't have those to hand... however I'm hoping that week by week the photos will begin to show real progress. This should be evident by a reducing gut size! I'll publish the measurements for those interested at some later time.

My gym plan is basically an hour in the gym each day, half an hour of cardio, half an hour of weights. There's some deviation to the routine - e.g. the other day I climbed 8 flights of steps and then ran around a carpark for a half hour or so, under the wing of a personal trainer. In fact, I'm trying to make sure that each day's gym program is different, so that it doesn't become dull.

My first few days this week were difficult, and I felt tired and almost a bit ill at the end of the sessions. That will be the toxins leaving my cells, and my body adjusting to a higher exercise level. But today I'm feeling great, and find the exercise actually gives me more energy. So I think that's a good sign.

More updates in a week when I have my next weigh in. If there are any questions in the meantime, please get in touch.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Understanding the 12 Week Transformation Challenge

On February 22, I'm beginning a 12 Week Transformation Challenge at my local gym. This is an intensive gym and dieting programme (which for me will involve 2 gym sessions a day, 6 days a week, for the 12 weeks) designed to restore fitness to my body by reducing my weight, reducing my blood pressure, and getting my blood sugar under control.

As a type 2 diabetic, I'm well aware of the need to look after myself - but hey, nobody's perfect right? So whilst I've been attempting to be good and manage my life and weight, I've had a few blips along the way. This gym programme will be really hard work, but I'm hoping that the fact the challenge is competitive against others who have entered will provide me with the motivation I need to see it through.

Knowing how difficult it is for charities to raise the funds they need, I've decided to also raise funds for Diabetes New Zealand as I do the challenge. If you'd like to sponsor me, you can visit my Fundraise Online website page.

Photos and details of progress will begin to be posted here once the challenge begins (on Feb 22). If you'd like more information or have any comments, please feel free to contact me at Thanks for visiting!