Sunday, 15 May 2011

12 Week Transformation Challenge Nearly Over

Wow, it's amazing how fast the last four weeks have passed. Tomorrow is my final weigh in for the 12 Week Transformation Challenge, and I'm feeling a mixture of nervousness, relief, and excitement. During the last four weeks, I've really stepped up my game, after being so inspired by my week 8 results. I've worked harder, with slightly longer workouts too, to break through a time of plateau which occurred around the Week 8 to Week 9 period of my weight loss. But I've only weighed myself a few times since then, deliberately, so I'm not really sure what tomorrow holds.

I haven't blogged for about 3 weeks or so now - which was not deliberate. Changes to my work schedule, and more time spent in the gym has limited my ability to update the blog entries a little. But saying that, perhaps it's been a good thing. It's allowed me to keep focused on the task at hand, improving my overall health and losing excess body fat, without having to be concerned about finding time to write blog entries. And, whilst I'm all about openness and sharing my progress on this journey for my own interest and the benefit of others, as it's near the end of the challenge, keeping a few secrets / progress updates to myself possibly isn't a bad thing. Regardless of these thoughts, tomorrow is the big day. The results will speak for themselves, and anything I say or don't say won't change them.

I have a feeling that I've done pretty well - and I'm very hopeful of acheiving my original 20kg goal - or at least coming close. I'm wearing the smallest clothes I've been able to wear for YEARS, so I know I've lost a lot of weight and waist size. And I've also had a number of people comment recently, with comments like "Dave, you're wasting away!", and "Have you been working out?". Wow, what a blessing. To go from only 12 weeks ago and often getting random strangers calling me "fat", "big boy", and often worse, to making POSITIVE comments is just fantastic. Words have the power to help or harm people - they really are very important things.

My blood sugar when tested this morning was just 5.0 - that's a HUGE decrease from my 11.5 start reading 12 weeks ago, and just a few points away from non-diabetic standard range. If that's indicative of my overall health progress during this 12 week challenge, then the other measurements should be just as encouraging. In Week 1 of the challenge, I was able to do just 10 sit up crunches in 1 minute, and I was really tired afterwards. Just last week, I acheived 41 sit up crunches in the same time. I'm looking forward to the LifeStyle fitness test which I'll endure tomorrow to see how much progress I've made there.

Regardless of what my final results show tomorrow, the 12 Week Transformation Challenge has definitely been worthwhile. I've acheived some fantastic results that will give me real health improvement, and improve my diabetes control. And on that basis, I can highly recommend the 12 Week Transformation Challenge to others.

Roll on tomorrow! I'll try to post these final results later in the week. Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement to date. And a big thank you to my fellow challenge participants, who've helped to keep my spirits and motivation up, during some pretty tiring and trying gym sessions. Together, we've acheived great things - and added years to our lives!

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