Friday, 10 June 2011

12 Week Transformation Challenge Results

As the Club Physical 12 Week Transformation Challenge Night of Champions Event was held last night, I'm now able to reveal my personal results of the 12 Week Transformation Challenge. Last nights Night of Champions event at Club Physical Albany was inspirational, and it was great to hear so many positive improvement stories. My congratulations to my fellow Top 14 finalists, and to the Top 3 placings - wow! I was the last person to be called up on stage before the Top 3 were announced. Some people would say therefore that I came "4th" - but we were told that the 11 people called up first were in no particular order. The actual number placing is not important to me in any case: I'm a winner regardless.

For a 3 month investment in an intensive gym program, I've added YEARS to my life. My weight has drastically dropped, my measurements have dropped, my blood sugar has dropped - but my life enjoyment has gone up, my enthusiasm and energy has gone up, and my confidence has gone up. All of these are good things!

So, what were the final results? Weight Lost 20.8Kg (exceeding my original target my 0.8kg), blood sugar down from 11.5 to 4.8, blood pressure down from 126/80 to 120/70. Measurements went down as follows: Waist down 15cm, small waist down 14cm, hips down 19cm, chest down 12cm, each arm down 8cm, and each thigh down 8cm. It's hard to visualise these figures on their own, so here are my before and after photos.

Front before

Front after

Side before

Side after

Thank you to Club Physical for their support throughout this challenge - the teams of people at Club Physical Xpress especially have been awesome! Thank you to the sponsors of the prizes I won at last nights event: Horleys, Flight Experience, Dane Baker, and Hubbards. Thank you to my awesome Personal Trainer Sugar for helping me to get such excellent results. And thank you to every reader of this blog: your comments, emails, and encouraging comments really made a huge difference! I'd encourage anyone needing to lose weight to consider a 12 Week Transformation Challenge for themselves - it's certainly transformed my life!

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