Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Please Like Me On Facebook

I've got a favour to ask all of the readers of my blog: Please LIKE me on Facebook. It's for a good cause: Club Physical, the sponsors of the 12 Week Transformation Challenge are highlighting some of the best results in their Real Results application, and the person with the most "likes" get prizes.

Please go to this URL, and then login to Facebook if necessary. Click through to my page, using the David Pomeroy photo, and then at the top of the comments area on that page, click the "Like" button. By doing so, you'll be voting for me - and highlighting that my results were indeed fantastic! I do appreciate it.

Have you been reading this blog and found it inspiring? Have you shared the blog address with others? I'd love to hear your stories and learn whether or not you're now undertaking your own gym program or transformation. If there's any help you feel I can offer, please do let me know. Email me at